What If You Had $86,400 Given To You Each Day?

What would it be like to have $86,400 put straight into your bank account each morning? I am sure that most salespeople would go over to the bank and draw it out. Life would then take on a whole new dimension for many.

Well it may not be money but you do have 86,400 of these things every day. They are the seconds of time that are available for you to use in the pursuit of your sales goals and targets. A full 24 hours of time adds up to 86,400 seconds. In commercial real estate sales and leasing that is all that you have at your disposal to build your market and opportunities. When each second passes it is gone forever.

In this property market you cannot waste time; that is a recipe for no listings and poor commissions. Use your time wisely in tracking down the people that can buy, sell, and lease quality commercial property in this market. They are out there and just need to be found.

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4 Stages of Cold Call Prospecting Success

When you work in sales and particularly property, the cold calling process has to be part of the daily diary activity. When it is not done or it is not done well for whatever reason, the market does not build around you. Low listing numbers and deals is the result. Make the calls and you will build your business, it’s that simple.

So the key to success in commercial property sales and leasing is at the front end of the business, and that is in finding more prospects and keeping in regular contact. There are 3 simple steps to make cold calling and prospecting work for you. They cannot be overlooked and should be optimised. Here they are:

  1. Daily research has to be done before the next day call prospecting time. You should not waste precious call time on research.
  2. Make your calls at the same time each day and ensure that it is the ‘prime prospecting time’ for the market that you are talking to.
  3. Your calls have to be supported by a good database system. That’s not saying that you need an expensive database program, far from it. It is saying that your calls have to be entered into a stable and growing database program that you know how to use and that you take ownership of.
  4. Practice your calls and words daily so the conversation that you create on the telephone is simple and friendly. No prospect wants to be pitched to; they want respect and information.

These 4 simple rules will take your call prospecting to new heights. Call reluctance should not be part of the process; learn how to break through the calls and make more professional conversations. Your business will grow from genuine conversations. Understand that not everyone will have a need or an interest in talking to you, so make the calls and find those people that have a need.

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Create Feedback in Cold Calling

Everyone tells you that you must make cold calls and I totally agree. In commercial real estate sales and leasing the same cold calling rule applies and will be the fast track to more market share and listings if you do it correctly and consistently. There is a small secret to the cold calling process that you should not overlook. Here is the rule.

Giving positive feedback in the conversation will strengthen and extend the communication.

In other words you make the call focus on them and what they are saying; the call is not about you, it’s about them.

Ask questions about their property needs or situation, then use the response to open the door more. Respond to what they are saying; everyone likes to be heard and understood. Positive feedback and response is part of that.

Here is what you can say to achieve that:

  • I respect that
  • It’s good to talk to you about that
  • That is really interesting
  • Your comments are quite valid today
  • Tell me more please
  • Yes I fully understand
  • Others have done just that, and I understand
  • And just how did that work for you?
  • How did that go for you?
  • It’s great to talk to the person that understands these things
  • Your ideas are quite special

You can make so many variations around this and build your business call conversion. In simple terms it is all about building empathy with the other person by showing them that you are really interested in what they have to say. You encourage the conversation.

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