Tell Me What You Can Do

Tell me what you can do? It is an interesting question for any person at any time. If you work in real estate as a salesperson, it is a key question that will impact your future.

So many people think about what they are struggling with in life and career and fail to see what can be done to fix it.

The phrase ‘Tell me what you can do, not what you can’t do’, is one that my father Ern Highman drilled into me as a kid. To this day in my ongoing activities coaching people in business and property performance matters, it is a question that I raise frequently to get them to tell me what they can do to get back on track.

Success is an internal thing that comes from what you do with the environment and the pressures around you. It always comes back to you.

The next time something is getting you down, have a listen to yourself and ask the question, ‘Tell me what you can do?’ When you know the answer, take action and the problems will diminish.

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Positive Attitude is the Front Line of Listings and Sales

Every day real estate salespeople go to the office and meet prospects. It’s a routine for some. Most average salespeople will do some good things during the day, but also lots of other random things that can break down their focus or momentum. We are responsible for our thoughts and attitude in the property business process; both go hand in hand. In the real estate game you must have great thoughts to stay on track and get results.

Even though I am a real estate coach, I am also a real estate agent and have been so for 30 plus years. On that basis I have seen more salespeople than most and the problems they create for themselves. The reality is that results we get in the industry come from what we think, as that will have an immediate impact on our actions. Success comes from within, that’s a fact.

Real estate sales managers and bosses can and do jump around about performance and results with their sales team, but without the key ingredient of directed positive thinking, the sales team will struggle. The best sales managers should have the experience to know that the success of the team will come from the directed thinking of each individual salesperson.

To all the real estate sales professionals out there who are struggling with their results, take some time now to consider what you have been thinking about your job and property market lately. If things are not as good as you would want, it’s time to time to control your thinking and attitude. This is the foundation of change and a better business. It takes about 90 days of redirected thinking to break the barriers, but at the end you will be a new salesperson with far better results. Go for it.

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