When Things Get Tough the Tough Get Going

In this commercial property market, as an agent you have to be tough and you have to think tough. No advantage is gained by looking at the negatives and sitting back mooching around in the office. Far too many agents and salespeople support each other with excuses and obstacles when they can’t convert the listings or the deals.

The best way to handle an industry slowdown or market change is to prospect and cold call a lot more.

Double your prospecting starting right now; when you talk to more people and capture the enquiry into your database things start to move. Action beats every obstacle you come across. Give me a salesperson that takes action and I will show you a success to be tapped.

In a commercial real estate clients office that I have something to do with, they are consistently pulling in 30 deals a month between 7 sales people and that is in a slower market. What does this say? Get active and the results will come in. Keep pushing ahead; that’s the rule.

Speak to more tenants, talk to more landlords, find some business leaders to talk to; they all like to talk property in one form or another. Some of them will need help. You are the ideal agent to help them.

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What Does a Commercial Property Salesperson Do Over Christmas?

It’s an interesting question to pose. What does a commercial salesperson do over the Christmas break? Most of the guys I know take off somewhere to get away from the office. They say or think that the market is slower in January and hence they will not hang around. My experience however says that there is a lot of business out there in the market to be captured and a good time to do that is in January before others come back into the office.

The fact is that January is a great month to make the calls and meet the people. Most property investors or business owners are thinking about what they will do with their property or tenants in the coming year; isn’t that a great time to be out there talking to people? I think it is.

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Push Yourself to Build Your Commercial Real Estate Business

In this market and economy, the real estate agents that are the most successful are the ones that push themselves to do the hard things every day. Progress and market share today are not random things; they only come from definite action to a real personal plan. There are good listings out there to lease and sell; it just comes down to how much work you put in as part of the prospecting and pitching process.

Here are my experiences on a plan of action to take in a tougher real estate market:

  1. Prospect by cold calling every day to new and established contacts for at least 3 hours
  2. Run a database program to capture your enquiries (a simple program is just fine)
  3. Get in front of 2 new people every day from your prospecting calls
  4. Make 40 to 50 prospecting calls per day
  5. Keep in contact with your prospects and clients on at least once every 90 days (or more frequent)
  6. Practice your dialogue for presenting and negotiating
  7. Get your business card and face in front of many people in an ongoing way

If you follow these things and tips, you will generate more leads for listing and conversion to deals. Work hard and the business will come.

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