Business Card Design for Commercial Property Agents

I like to think that the traditional business card is perhaps the most effective and cost efficient method of marketing ourselves today.  Many commercial sales and leasing agents would not give out more than 10 business cards a week (if that).  If that is the case, I like to challenge them to give out 10 […]

Commercial Real Estate Agents – Signboard Count Strategies

When it comes to working as a commercial real estate agent, you really do have to know what is going on regards signs placed on properties for sale or lease in your local area.  By signs I mean those of your competition and those on the properties for sale or lease at the moment.  There […]


Leasing Property To Franchise Tenants Today

It is a common occurrence for commercial or retail leasing agents to be approached by franchise operators and groups looking for new premises from which to operate their next new business.  Franchise groups are a good source of new leasing business and over many sites.  On that basis you can build a great leasing market […]