How Commercial Real Estate Agents Can Market Property Today

When it comes to the marketing of commercial property today, there is a need to attract the right type of enquiry from the local area. This is where the expertise of the commercial real estate agent becomes fundamentally important to the overall marketing strategy.

The commercial salesperson or agent should have a significant database covering people in the local area who have been well qualified regards their interests in commercial property. So the process of marketing needs to capture the correct people for the relative listing. This is where many agents come unstuck. Where it may have been acceptable to list a property on the Internet and then wait for the enquiry to come in, today we must focus on the targeted market or direct marketing approach.

To attract the right enquiry the direct marketing approach can be a variation of the following:

  • Produce flyers of the exclusive listings that you have on your books then take those flyers to other businesses in the local area. This process will allow you to gather local market intelligence through talking to people.
  • Always get a signboard on each of the properties that you have listed. The number of signboards that you have on local property will help the perception of market domination.
  • Every marketing campaign on each exclusive listing will give you the chance to put more people into your database.
  • Use the internet comprehensively so the listed properties go onto a number of sites that are well recognised for qualit property in your area.
  • Circulate facts about each property listing via email to your selected qualified people in your database.
  • The local newspaper will have some benefit for spreading the word about any property listed but there will be shorter retention time on the value of the newspaper advertising. The internet ranks far higher when it comes to the long life equation of marketing value.

The marketing of commercial and retail property today is more specialised and requires more effort. This is where an experienced salesperson with the right database is far more relevant for the property owner than a ‘newbie’. In a market like this it is easy for an experienced salesperson to win a listing based on the value that they bring the client; gone are the days where you have to discount your commissions. Sell your services from a position of value and relevance to the property challenges that the client has.

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Commercial Property Markets Need Tough Salespeople

Make no mistake, this commercial or retail property market is quite tough; that being said things still do sell and lease.  It takes a tough salesperson with great focus and action to make it in today’s property market.

Some of the best people that I have seen today, still do the basics.  That is the secret to their success.  The basics drive their business ahead.  Here are some ideas to help you:

  1. Make prospecting the number one action that you take every day
  2. Build a database yourself of  contacts that you know have a commercial or retail real estate need
  3. They market their listings specifically to the target audiences that they know are active
  4. They look for new opportunity each day and then chase it  to see what conversions can occur.
  5. They meet new people as part of spreading their personal brand

So effort is required to make these things happen.  There is a lot of difference between being great and being ordinary in this property market.  In every team of 10 salespeople, there is likely to be only one that stands head and shoulders above the others with better listings and commissions.

Is it easy to do this stuff?  I guess the answer has to be no, but the rewards are many for those that can take action and build their business today.

That’s my ideas about this property market today, and I hope it helps you given the challenges that you have.  If you want more tips for commercial real estate agents and salespeople, simply visit my website at