The Right Sales Pitch and Presentation in Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate agency, the presentation or sales pitch will be critical to your listing conversions.  In most of the presentations we do today are highly competitive.  Three or four agents will be chasing the same listing and on that basis will be seeking to influence the client through incentives and enticements.  You must […]


Straight Thinking Wins More Commercial Real Estate Business

It is a fact that the way you think when you are prospecting will impact the results that you get.  This then carries through to the prospecting that you make in commercial real estate. Has someone told you that you need to prospect and they have given you little facts on how to do it?  […]


Negotiating Commission in Commercial Real Estate Agency

Many commercial real estate agents have a question as to exactly what the right commission should be when it comes to selling or leasing a commercial property.  In most cases, the choice is yours, and should be based on the work required in the listing, together with the trends of the local property market. Competitive […]

Grab Prospects Attention as a Top Commercial Real Estate Agent

When you grab the attention of the property investors and tenants in the local commercial property market, you can rise to the status of a top agent locally.  In this way you can attract more listings and clients.  Every agent wants to do this; but you need a plan to get there. It is not […]


Agent Success in Commercial Property Management Today

Commercial property management is a challenging part of the property business if you are going to do it properly.  Complex properties require good managers that understand the property type and just how to keep things under control It is hard to take up a position in looking after some properties without a qualified and experienced […]

Top Tips for Building Your Sales Character and Mindset in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate agency today, we need salespeople that can take deliberate action and remain focused on the task at hand.  Whilst many will say that they can do this, reality says that most won’t.  The discipline required is lacking for many. Discipline in action is a common problem when it comes to sales […]

Base Line Procedures to Build Better Commercial Real Estate Agents

As a commercial real estate sales agent, you will get benefit from establishing systems to list, market, and negotiate on your listings.  The fact of the matter is that systems will help you stay under control when things get busy or change. The property market changes from time to time.  Currently there are lots of […]