Common Problems for Brokers to Solve in Commercial Real Estate Database Use

Like it or not, the database process in commercial real estate brokerage has to exist at a personal broker level, and it has to be up to date.  Old and redundant information in any database will bring with it problems and time wasting conversations. Every broker should be very focused on their data growth, content […]

Setting the Right Goals in Commercial Real Estate Listings Today

When it comes to the marketing of commercial real estate listings today, it pays to have some very specific goals and targets.  This then helps you spend the marketing money effectively and specifically as part of the property promotion. Here below are some listing tips from our eCourse. The goal setting process also helps you […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokers – You Cant be a Property Expert When You Focus on Just Open Listings

When a commercial investment property is taken to the market for sale or lease, you will get some property owners that like to control the process and on that basis they can be very reluctant to give out the listing ‘exclusively’.   They think that by spreading the listing across a number of local property agents, […]


Podcast 206 – Commercial Real Estate Online by John Highman

It is the start of the year and I though we should have a look at a few important issues in commercial real estate brokerage.  In this podcast I talk about: How to plan and start some momentum in your commercial real estate career How to find quality listings and why that is so important […]


All Important Questions to Ask Office Leasing Tenants Today

  As a leasing agent you are frequently looking to lease vacant premises in an office building and CBD location.  Many enquiries and calls today will or should come to you from the marketing campaigns you create; the rates of enquiry for every high quality leasing opportunity should be tracked. Having trouble with tenants?  Here […]