2 Replies to “Register”

  1. Is this a month to month subscription cancelable at any time? And if so how does one go about cancelling?

    I do find your site very interesting and seriously considering your training subscription.

    thank you . . .

    1. Hi there, Thanks for the contact. Yes you can cancel your subscription at any time. You would do that through Pay Pal (your account) or by sending us an email where we would cancel from our end. Either way it works. The cost is $74 or $94 per month depending on the package of access that you want. You can join up on the ‘register’ page of the site. When we see the entry go through we will set up the access and make sure that everything is working for you. New material gets loaded for members weekly so I recommend that you go to the site at least once a week and download anything new that you like. If you have any questions just email us back. Thank you for your interest, John Highman.

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