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Finding the Right Salesperson for Commercial and Retail Real Estate Sales andLeasing

When you run a commercial real estate agency it is really hard to find the right salespeople for the jobs at hand. How can you find the right person that really understands sales, leasing, and property management? It is very rare to get a salesperson that understands all 3 disciplines, however they are out there.

Most agency principals revert to attracting successful agents from other offices in the same location. Whilst that has some merit, you still really do not know exactly who the person is when you hire them. You do not know how they work and how they think. Mistakes can be made and that will cost you money and time.

A tip for real estate principals in hiring new salespeople and agents is to put the candidates through a character test such as ‘Meyers Briggs’ or similar. Whilst the process will cost some dollars, you will really know some key things about the person; such as focus, discipline, drive, and sales ability. In commercial property these skills and traits of the salesperson are really important.

Do not employ a salesperson just on what they say. Find out what they think and what they know.

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Who Drives the Commercial Property Sales or Lease Deal?

So who drives the sales and leasing deal in commercial or retail property sales and leasing? When it comes to your career and your market outcomes as an agent, it is essential that the deal is driven by you the salesperson.

Whilst this sounds obvious, I have seen so many property salespeople negotiate a heads of agreement or contract, and then leave the rest of the process to solicitors to finish. A few weeks later they find that the deal is not progressing or there are differences that have developed between the parties.; damage control then is the only way forward.

So the message here is that if you negotiate a deal of any type, you must stay with it to the very end. Its OK for others to get involved in the documentation and the settlement work, but make sure that you are still on the job and keeping the parties moving forward. Remember just who your client is and keep them up to date with all progress and issues.

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