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Ways of Building Tenant Mix Strategies that Work in Retail Shopping Centers

In a retail shopping center, there are key factors to watch that can impact the shop tenant mix and the vacancy factors.  (NB – you can get plenty of retail shop leasing tips in our Snapshot program – its free) As a leasing expert in retail you really do need to balance all of these […]

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Things to do in a Commercial Property Management Handover

If you are about to take on a new commercial or retail property from a management perspective, there are things to think about.  There are things to think about and the property management handover is critical to gathering the right information.  Every client and every property will have unique issues to prepare for and ask […]

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6 Tips for Pricing Your Commercial Property Management Fees and Services

The services that you provide in commercial property management are quite special and should be costed accordingly. Care and consideration is required when you are considering establishing a new fee or quoting on a property management service. There are variables at play that could have an impact on your fees suitability and amount. (N.B. these […]

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Working the Advantages with Vacant Properties in Commercial Real Estate

Every commercial property vacancy is an advantage to be seized.  The landlord is likely to be moving through some challenges of rents, occupancy and tenant mix.  You can do something to help, particularly if you know something about rents, lease enquiry, and tenant placement. In this audio I talk about the things that you can […]

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How to Undertake a Shopping Center Customer Survey

In undertaking a retail shopping center survey, the questions that you ask will impact the results that you seek.  Always plan the process.  Understand the retail property for what it is, where it is located, and what you are trying to achieve. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly to our friends in […]

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The Important Features of a High Quality Tenant in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate leasing today, the first tenant that you find to fill a vacancy in a property may not be the best tenant for the investment over the long term. Ultimately you need to consider first and foremost the future of the property, the improvements within the asset, and the investment targets of […]

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Shopping Center Managers – How to Assess and Improve Retail Shopping Center Performance Comprehensively

A retail property and particularly a shopping centre is a special asset in many different ways.  It takes skill and knowledge to make something of property performance. There are numerous things to put in the retail ‘balance’.  Special strategies are required.  Are you up to the retail challenge? Understand the retail facts So what are […]