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Internet Marketing Strategy for Agents

The approach that you take to internet marketing is something to think about. There are many ‘tools’ to the process, so you can make some choices. The most important thing to remember here is that you do not take on too many tools and strategies that can become impossible to use regularly. Regularity in posting […]

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Social Media Strategies for Brokers

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are plenty of things that you can do to canvas targeted markets and local people. Social media is one of the channels to work with and incorporate into your property activities. It is not the only channel of prospecting activity and communications but used in balance; it is effective […]

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Discovered Amazing Way to Beat the Competition in Brokerage

Most of the other commercial real estate agents in your location will be working to the industry averages, and they will not be notably different or unique when it comes to their property market. You can work around that and use it to your advantage. Understand your location and your territory comprehensively. Determine the target […]

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Working with Your Commercial Property Management Clients

When you take on a new commercial or retail property management, there are a few things to think about if you want to make your property appointment effective and profitable. Here are some ways to do that in this video.

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How to Build Effective Systems in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Personal systems are the foundation of progress and success in commercial real estate brokerage.  Those systems can evolve in key areas of the business personally.  In this audio program, I share the most important processes that I have seen and used over the years in working clients and prospects. (NB – if you want more […]

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Local Clients – How You Can Find More of Them

Local people are the foundation of a successful real estate business.  You can work with the key players of the real estate business locally and most particularly sellers, buyers, and business owners.  There are plenty of opportunities in commercial real estate to be sourced in those groups as part of a prospecting model. (NB – […]

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Essential Commercial Real Estate Leasing Tools to Use with Landlords and Tenants

The commercial real estate leasing process is quite special.  You can work with tenants or landlords, but either way you will need some local area information and the tools to help you through any property inspection and negotiation. In this audio, I share my thoughts on the tools that are most effective when it comes […]