Grow Your Principal Selling Position in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate today, the local property market has plenty of competitors chasing your clients and listings.  The clients and prospects that we serve have lots of choices when it comes to the right agent for the right property.  In the end, the client will choose the agent or broker with the best market […]

Commercial Real Estate Broker Podcast 109

Here are some MP3 audio tips for brokers and agents today in our recent pod-cast.  You can listen to them on your iPhone or Android device. There are 3 topics for you: How to create a prospecting letter system in commercial real estate brokerage Understanding how to deal with rejection in prospecting today Knowing where […]

property management

Commercial Property Management Tips

There are many ways to manage a commercial property or retail shopping center today.  Here is a video with some items that can be a checklist for brokers on managing a property for a client today. This is the first video in a commercial real estate training series covering the complex topic.