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How to Grow Your Circle of Influence in Sales

The number of people that you know and connect with regularly will directly impact the success of your real estate business.  It sounds so logical, and yet so many agents do not take on the challenge of connecting.  Why is that?  It involves new habits and personal disciplines, and many agents struggle with that. (Note: […]

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How Shop Leasing is Now Different

As the investment property market changes, vacancies in shops are commonplace. So there are things we can do with that problem. Staying closer to landlords and tenants is the first part of the equation. The key fact to remember here is that we, as agents, are of high service value to property owners, investors, and […]


How to Set Priorities in Leasing Commercial Properties Today

Some things just do not matter in commercial real estate leasing, and today that rule should be deeply engrained in the diary strategy of any agent.  It is a new property cycle, and things have changed.  What we do every day should be carefully considered. What can you do now? Do not waste time on […]

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Telephone Tactics in Commercial Real Estate

How can you drive more new business in commercial real estate? Connecting with people is what it is all about. Systems of ongoing contact help you grow your real estate business faster. So the message here in this changing property market is to connect with new people in a regular and ongoing way. Systems of […]

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A Sales Passion for the Coming 6 Months

With all of this change in commercial property now around the world, there is very likely to be a new sales cycle evolving for an extended period. That is with people wanting to buy and those required to sell. Note: if you are looking for more commercial real estate ideas, you can get them in […]


The Blueprint for Exclusivity in Brokerage Today

We are going into a new property cycle with the Covid19 health event around the World. Everything you do now will likely be sales-related, and how you spend your time within that focus is so important. Leasing will be less active until business activity grows again. Accept that things have changed in your location when […]

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The Essential Sales Strategies for Today

In this property market, there are plenty of leads and opportunities to tap into when it comes to sales activity in commercial real estate. There are people out there that need help when it comes to selling, purchasing, and improving their investment stock during this time. The property market is changing, and we can work […]