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Fast Tracking a Career in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

commercial real estate broker podcast

When you are looking to establish or grow your career in commercial real estate brokerage, there are things to do in building market share at a personal level.  In this podcast program by John Highman, you can learn the key facts of building a good database of clients over time. (NB – you can get more career tips in commerial real estate brokerage right here in Snapshot – its free)

It is always the case that a broker or agent must know lots of people in their location and across their property type.  That is a deliberate strategy and focus.

In this audio recording, John Highman talks about the importance of focus at a personal level.  Build your real estate business in real and relevant way.

You can listen to the audio right here:


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Taking Your Career All the Way in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Commercial real estate podcast
Commercial Real Estate Career tips

In commercial real estate brokerage a career has the opportunity of being extraordinary or it can be ordinary.    Any broker or agent can build their skills and local property knowledge to match the requirements of their clients and prospects.  When you understand the local area comprehensively you can do that well.

To help you more you can get our templates and ideas in ‘Snapshot’ right here.

Brokerage Career Tips on Audio

Having worked within many property markets and also having seen a lot of agents come and go over the years, I know that the results achieved are largely personally created and based.  I have compiled this audio below where I talk about the ways to approach a career in commercial real estate brokerage today and how to improve that career in a positive way.  Have a listen and consider how you can improve your focus and actions locally.

It doesn’t matter if you work in Sales, Leasing, or Property Management, there is a solid requirement to create a marketing model at a personal level that taps into a specific location and property type.

Here are my thoughts on why that is so important.   You can also get my eCourse here on Commercial Real Estate Brokerage.

Here is the audio for you: