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Commercial Real Estate Agents – Networking Local Businesses for Real Market Opportunity

When you work in a commercial real estate agency you can get a lot of valuable information from the local business owners.  For this reason they should feature in your cold calling efforts every day. […]

Commercial Property Agents – Set Your Targets in Sales and Leasing

When it comes to working in the property industry, commercial real estate can be very special and unique.  The knowledge required to be an expert in your field is quite specific.  For this very reason […]

Commercial Realtors – The Secret to Better Market Share

Here is an interesting question to ask any commercial real estate salesperson.   ‘What are you not doing today that you should be doing?’   In the answer that you get you will likely find the big […]

Commercial Realtors – Marketing Proposals that Impress Clients and Prospects

In commercial real estate you will be doing proposals for your clients and prospects on a regular basis.  You would think that being asked to do a proposal is a good thing; in some ways […]

Commercial Property Agents – Internet Marketing Tips to Build Market Share

When you work as a salesperson in commercial real estate, you really do need to build your personal profile in the local area.  That profile needs to extend to property investors, business owners, property developers, […]