Take Quality Action in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Any opportunity in commercial real estate today should be acted on quickly and effectively.  If you ‘sleep overnight’ on the issue you will likely find that is not going to be there in the morning.  There are many competing agents and brokers waiting to jump on the listing opportunities around you. Here are some important […]

Reputations Really Matter in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, your reputation will make or break your career. That is because the cycle of property activity is so long and listing success will be largely formed on the back of ‘trust’. It doesn’t take long for a poor reputation to spread in the industry. Some agents and brokers that under-perform […]


Tips for Being Entrepreneurial in Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate agency today, you need to be an entrepreneur in your business practices and your focus.  Your successes in the industry as an agent will come from your personal endeavors. The agency that you work for will have little to do with the process of building greater personal commissions and generating listings.  […]

How to Sustain Peak Performance as a Commercial Real Estate Agent

In commercial real estate agency it is essential that you sustain peak performance when it comes to undertaking the daily business of an agent.  Peak performance can be many different things for each of us, however in our property industry it usually relates to client contact, prospecting, marketing, and negotiations.  It is a very personal […]

Success Planning a Commercial Real Estate Career

In commercial real estate agency today you really do need to set come clear goals and plans to keep you on track with the things that you want in listings, market share, and commissions.  An agent without this focus will struggle with momentum. So you need a ‘success plan’ to take you forward.  What does […]

Top Tips for Building Your Sales Character and Mindset in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate agency today, we need salespeople that can take deliberate action and remain focused on the task at hand.  Whilst many will say that they can do this, reality says that most won’t.  The discipline required is lacking for many. Discipline in action is a common problem when it comes to sales […]

Base Line Procedures to Build Better Commercial Real Estate Agents

As a commercial real estate sales agent, you will get benefit from establishing systems to list, market, and negotiate on your listings.  The fact of the matter is that systems will help you stay under control when things get busy or change. The property market changes from time to time.  Currently there are lots of […]