Business Card Design for Commercial Property Agents

I like to think that the traditional business card is perhaps the most effective and cost efficient method of marketing ourselves today.  Many commercial sales and leasing agents would not give out more than 10 business cards a week (if that).  If that is the case, I like to challenge them to give out 10 business cards a day!

Always carry your business card with you.  Give it out at every opportunity to all the new people that you meet.  A business card is cheap but very professional if you handle the process well.

Here are some rules to the business card process and design:

  • Get a solid textured card.  A business card on thin paper stock sends all the wrong messages.  ‘Cheap and nasty’ are the first impressions of a flimsy business card.
  • Your card should be on the ‘larger’ size of average.  Small business cards are used by Doctors and Dentists.  You are a professional salesperson so make sure the business card you use is impressive.
  • Quality is the impression that your card must give.  You can get some shine finishes on cards that make the card look great.
  • Choose your colours well so that the card stands out from others.
  • Use an image or logo to personalise the card.
  • Photos of the salesperson are not the norm in commercial real estate on business cards.  You can use photos in residential real estate, but its a bit ‘tacky’ in commercial (in my opinion, sorry!)
  • Use the front of the card to detail your name, address, email, website, office phone, mobile phone, fax, and title.
  • Use the back of the card to detail your specialities of service and skill.

When you get the business card just right, it is as good as a brochure, and is more inclined to be kept by the client or prospect.

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By John Highman

John Highman is an International Commercial Real Estate Author, Conference Speaker, and Broadcaster living in Australia, who shares property investment ideas and information to online audiences Worldwide.