Top Job Description for a Commercial Real Estate Agent

Set benchmarks and KPI's
Set benchmarks and KPI’s

When you are considering employing a commercial real estate agent or a trainee agent, you need a job description and specification to keep them on task.  Without a set of clear criteria it is very hard to control performance of the individual and redirect them towards lifting their results.

It should be remembered that most salespeople come to the job with some very fixed ways and ideas.  Some of those may be productive whilst others may not.  Set the scene for control and personal improvement with a comprehensive job specification that covers the property type, person, and agency.

Here are some ideas to merge into a job description.

  1. Each salesperson is required to develop and follow a prospecting plan for their personal implementation.  They should report to the team leader weekly to update them on the progress of the prospecting plan.
  2. Develop and maintain a database of prospects.  All salespeople should be responsible for their part of the database and its accuracy.
  3. Set benchmarks on contacts and meetings with property owners, prospects, clients, and business owners.
  4. Have a clear plan to create meetings each week with prospects and suspects.
  5. The use of available data to prepare accurate comparative market analysis reports.
  6. The creation of marketing programs for all classes of listings.
  7. Listing properties of all types correctly and legally given the property type and the location.
  8. The ability to present and pitch for listings and marketing campaigns with clients of all types.
  9. Prepare and place advertisements in media and on the internet
  10. Track enquiries from all property advertising
  11. Inform the seller of progress in all marketing campaigns
  12. Control advertising spend and budgets in keeping with client instructions
  13. Inform all fellow salespeople of the details of existing listings.
  14. Qualify tenants and buyers as they may enquire about listings and properties available for sale or lease.
  15. Prepare documents and heads of agreement that may apply to the sale and lease of commercial, retail, and industrial property.
  16. Negotiate on behalf of clients with due regard for the appointment to sell or lease a property.
  17. Attend and undertake inspections of properties with qualified buyers or tenants as the situation requires
  18. Maintain sales and leasing files that accurately reflect the facts of a listing and transaction on behalf of a client.
  19. Attend sales meetings with the team in a timely way.
  20. Participate in agency team activities.
  21. Follow the instructions of the sales manager or team leader.
  22. Professionally use the resources of the office in marketing and negotiating on property sales and leasing.
  23. Respond to all property enquiries and a request regards any listed property in a timely and professional way.
  24. Report weekly to the team leader with accurate details and results that relate to sales, leasing, inspections, listings, negotiations, clients, and outstanding transactions.
  25. Seek referrals from clients and customers in each transaction.
  26. Comply with all laws and legislation relating to the industry, property type, and location.

So this is quite a list.  It can be added to depending on the ways in which your team and or office would operate.

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By John Highman

John Highman is an International Commercial Real Estate Author, Conference Speaker, and Broadcaster living in Australia, who shares property investment ideas and information to online audiences Worldwide.