How You Can Help Investment Clients Sell or Lease Their Commercial Property Faster

Landlords and property owners come to us as real estate agents and specialists to sell or lease their commercial property. They are likely to go to several other real estate agents on the same basis and at the same time. So all of a sudden we have a competition to see just who the property owner thinks should market their property. To win the listing and the clients business you just need to clearly define the following solution for the client:

This is how can we help you (Mr. Client) sell or lease your property faster and with the best outcome.

If you can clearly and strongly answer that question then you are on the road to better listing conversion and you will remove the hurdles of the other agents. Creativity and relevance are the keys to the listing conversion.

The process of selling or leasing property is really quite simple. It just needs to be broken down into stages and distinct solutions offered. The best solutions will win the clients attention. On that basis the sales presentation or sales pitch is totally about the property and the clients need for a solution to their property problem.

I tell agents to focus on distinct strategies based on the simple stages of the property promotion:

  1. The best timing of the sale or lease
  2. The best method of sale or lease to promote the property comprehensively to the target market
  3. An experienced salesperson that really knows the market, the prices, the rents, and how to negotiate
  4. The ideal target market that will pay the best price or rent and will be pursued through the comprehensive marketing campaign
  5. A dedicated marketing campaign that specifically taps into the target market in special ways
  6. A property inspection solution and process that features the property in the best possible way to qualified prospects
  7. An information memorandum that has been carefully constructed and composed to clearly outline the real features of the property
  8. The pricing or rental strategy that is well established before offers are made
  9. Documentation processes to capture the offer and negotiate the deal legally, effectively, and in a timely way
  10. Clear communication processes to keep the client fully briefed on each stage of the property sale or lease (as the case may be)
  11. Follow-through systems that keep the deal on track through any due diligence or documentation delay

When you stick to this plan and approach with the client, any manipulative tactics raised from the competition real estate agents (such as discounted commissions, fees and discounted marketing) becomes irrelevant in the client’s final decision in the right agent of choice to take the listing to the market.

Make a better listing presentation and convert more listings by focusing on these 11 points.

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By John Highman

John Highman is an International Commercial Real Estate Author, Conference Speaker, and Broadcaster living in Australia, who shares property investment ideas and information to online audiences Worldwide.