Keeping Focused on Winning Business

The year has already begun and commercial real estate agents are coming back to work. Property investors and business owners are back at their offices thinking about how to fix their property challenges for the year. So what does the year offer?

This year will probably be something like last year and that means that the efforts that you apply now to your prospecting and listing are critical to the results that you want for the rest of the year. There are always people around that need help with property matters. It simply comes down to the efforts that you apply to the prospecting and connecting process.

Commercial real estate is centred on the business community. When you are in touch with the business needs of the tenants and companies in your location or precinct, it is highly likely that opportunities will always be presenting themselves. It is a matter of what you see and how you act. The agent with the best database will likely be the agent with the best commissions and deals.

Today the greatest opportunities are obtained from continual contact with the following groups of people:

  1. The owners of property throughout your region. It is best to contact them through individual property research and direct contact. In some circumstances it may take two or three approaches before they will meet with you. Persistence is the key as it will take time to reach some of these people.
  2. All businesses in your location remain an opportunity for property sale, purchase or tenancy relocation. It all comes down to the churn created by successful businesses and those that need to relocate to adjust their occupancy costs. Fortunately business leaders like to talk to property people simply to understand what the market is doing and what they can do to build on what they have. An ongoing contact process can be very fruitful.
  3. Solicitors and accountants always have clients that are seeking some form of assistance with their property needs. Establishing contact and trust with the local solicitors and accountants will have long-term benefits. It is likely that they will establish long-term relationships with you providing they believe you have the knowledge and the expertise to resolve complex property matters. They have to protect their client and solve their client’s property problem.

For those of us that have been in the commercial real estate business for many years, we know a property market like this can be very rewarding providing you put in the effort and systemise everything you do. Every part of your business process should be refined and practiced so that you are the best person in the market at what you do, sell, lease, and manage. Fortunately many of your competitors will be rather ordinary and not undertake the necessary self-improvement processes. Choose to be the best and then take action.

So you have come back from your holiday or break, and now is the time to assess the actions you are taking and the focus that you require. The new business is out there so start the listing and prospecting process. Talk to more people; that will always be the secret to building your commercial real estate business. Build your database from personal effort not luck. This can be a great year for you.

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By John Highman

John Highman is an International Commercial Real Estate Author, Conference Speaker, and Broadcaster living in Australia, who shares property investment ideas and information to online audiences Worldwide.