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How to Grow Your Circle of Influence in Sales

The number of people that you know and connect with regularly will directly impact the success of your real estate business.  It sounds so logical, and yet so many agents do not take on the challenge of connecting.  Why is that?  It involves new habits and personal disciplines, and many agents struggle with that.

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Real estate success is all about change and the focus you can create at a personal level.  What can you do with this?  Deliberately change your efforts into the things that matter and the segments of the property market that need help. 

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People Need Your Help

No matter what is happening in your city and or with the local property economy, there will be people that need your help.  That is where the focus comes in.  It is a focus on people, properties, precincts, and promotion.  They are the four ‘P’s’ of real estate success. 

Try applying them to your real estate day and your activities.  You can build your entire real estate business around those disciplines.

When you change your circle of influence, and as part of that the people that you know, your real estate business will take off substantially with new leads and opportunities. 

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Moving Ahead Today

So, who should you know and what should you do to drive your real estate business forward?  Try these for starters:

  • Existing property owners – this takes a reasonable degree of research and time discipline.  Finding out who owns what in the local property will challenge your research and questioning process.  You will have ‘tools’ that will help you find out some information, but most of the property ownership detail will come from your diligence in connecting with people and asking questions.
  • Investors from outside of town – people come and go from the property market.  When you look across states, cities, and regions, there will be investors what want to invest in your location because they see better ‘value’.  On that basis, you can promote your real estate listings across borders and into other regions.  Look outside the ‘box’ when it comes to finding people that want to transact or invest in your location.
  • Marketing systems that stand out – when you have something to promote as a sale or a lease situation, ensure that you choose your media channels well.  That will allow you to lift the level of marketing or exposure, and the property gets the best publicity directly aimed at the target market you are seeking to attract.
  • Social media connections – everyone knows about and probably uses social media.  In real estate, the marketing advantage is in frequency and relevance.  Please don’t post something unless it is interesting and helpful to the people that you regard as clients or prospects.  Make your social media postings more aligned to the location and the people that need property help.
  • Case studies about transactions and trends – as we move into and through a new property cycle, prices and rents will change.  Share the information about rates and leases, and the patterns of enquiries locally, so that others can decide if they want to act in this changing property environment.  Case studies with photographs are an excellent way to engage with other people.
  • Repeat and referral business – as you talk to other people and those that are new contacts to you, ask about the referral and repeat business that could be required.  The cycle of real estate is relatively long, so you never really know when a person is ready to act on a property matter.  A simple set of questions at the end of a conversation is all that is required.  That will allow you to open the referral advantage.  Try it.

So, these strategies will help you create a broader circle of influence in your location.  Try the ideas and make your additions to the list.  You will soon find the new business you require.

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By John Highman

John Highman is an International Commercial Real Estate Author, Conference Speaker, and Broadcaster living in Australia, who shares property investment ideas and information to online audiences Worldwide.