Checklist for Being a Commercial Real Estate Expert

When you work in commercial real estate sales and leasing, you must be the expert that everybody comes to. Without being the expert, you will struggle to get the business you require and every listing presentation will be a battle of discounted commissions and discounted advertising. Ordinary agents struggle in the battle for listing supremacy.

Sure, many property owners look for some benefits in the listing process and will ask for the discounts as part of justifying their choice of agent. This is a fact of human psychology and sales negotiation. Certainly, some discounts may be available to solve that problem but the discounts are not really justified in a market that is as difficult and is as challenging as now. Clients that sell or lease property today really do require the best agent with the best market coverage; discounts do not achieve this. When you can clearly say that you have reached that level, the listings and the referral business will come to you much more easily. You will become the expert of choice specialising in commercial real estate in your area.

So exactly what is a commercial real estate expert? Try some of these and assess your own skills:

  • The agent that has the greater number of signboards placed on the property for sale and lease
  • The salesperson that has done a greater number of deals through the area
  • The salesperson that implements marketing programs that stand out as unique and different in attracting buyers or tenants as the case may be
  • The agent that understands the history of the area and the price or rental benchmarks that have been achieved
  • The agent that understands where comparable properties exist and how they impact the clients property sale or rental

To be the agent of choice is a personal branding focus that is gained through your hard work and commitment to professional service and knowledge as the real estate agent specialist. When you choose to be that person, the market place takes on an entirely different level opportunity and focus.  You can get more tips for real estate agents here

By John Highman

John Highman is an International Commercial Real Estate Author, Conference Speaker, and Broadcaster living in Australia, who shares property investment ideas and information to online audiences Worldwide.