Agents – What Is Your Commercial Real Estate Marketing Plan?

When you work in commercial real estate, the definitions of success are quite easy to understand. They are simply the numbers of quality listings that you attract, the number of deals that you convert, and the levels of commission that are paid at settlement. Three simple matters like these are all driven by numbers, and you should track the numbers each week to understand your progress. To achieve this three-stage success process in your career, you need your own personal real estate marketing plan. It is remarkable how so many salespeople focus on marketing the property for the client, but then to have little focus on marketing themselves for their personal success.

In the real estate business, a personal marketing plan is fundamental to the amount of business that you will generate and your territory domination. The personal marketing plan is something that is actioned every day and quite specific in its structure. The more effective the personal marketing process and your efforts to make it happen, the better the results that you will achieve.

Just about everybody in the industry wants to be more successful. The real success that you want comes from the personal marketing plan and your own actions to support it. When the property market gets tough, it is this personal promotion approach that will see you through and support you during difficult times. So exactly what is a personal marketing plan and how can it be structured? Here are a few ideas to support you:

  1. At the centre of your marketing plan is the need to generate and support a relationship with your market and your prospects.
  2. Undertake all your own prospecting to build your personal brand. Do not delegate your prospecting to a call centre.
  3. Centre your plan on direct contact telephone calls, canvassing the local streets, and direct mail with follow-up telephone calls.
  4. Research your market for opportunities and prospects. Being able to identify prospects and opportunities before everyone else is the key.
  5. Understand the deals that have been done in your market both in selling and leasing. Prices and rentals become important in your conversations.
  6. Personal contact is the key to making your marketing plan work. Make sure your database supports you in ongoing follow-up contact.
  7. The more people you talk to in a professional way each day, the better results you will achieve.
  8. Follow-through on every personal contact with a consistent meaningful communication.
  9. Your daily diary is at the centre of taking action.

So all of this is quite complex and will take reasonable effort on your part. The massive opportunity surrounding all of this is that most real estate people will not take this consistent action. For those that do, the results are significant, continuous, and rewarding.

By John Highman

John Highman is an International Commercial Real Estate Author, Conference Speaker, and Broadcaster living in Australia, who shares property investment ideas and information to online audiences Worldwide.