Sales History Gives Territory Domination Opportunity

Every commercial real estate agent wants to dominate their territory. They want the best share of listings and commissions. So just how can you get to the level of top local agent and dominance in sales? The answer is you need a plan and you should use the sales and leasing history of the local area as a tool to create listing leverage.

When you have a number of local agents all operating in the same area or with the same property type you find that competition is fierce. Everyone seems to be jumping on the same listings, and every listing presentation involves 4 or 5 agents quoting for the property. Invariably and unfortunately the agent to win the job is usually the one that offers the lowest commissions, lower sales fees, and low marketing costs. If only the sellers would understand that cutting corners in this way is a sure road to low market penetration and extended time on market.

The best way to achieve territory domination is to make more of the history of the area. When you do this you can pick up the listings that are more likely to come on the market next. Research and cold call the owners and businesses impacted by the following:

  1. The properties that were sold about 4 years ago and beyond
  2. The properties that were leased about 4 years ago and beyond
  3. The properties in the immediate local area around the current for sale boards of other agents.

These 3 facts are the ones that will give you leverage. In most cases these will be the properties to next come on the market. Talk to the people impacted or involved in property that falls into these categories. They will be the next to act. Why not find these people before other agents do?

This says that the sales history of the local area has so much opportunity in it to be tapped. That is how you will achieve territory domination. You can get more free tips and tools for commercial real estate agents at


By John Highman

John Highman is an International Commercial Real Estate Author, Conference Speaker, and Broadcaster living in Australia, who shares property investment ideas and information to online audiences Worldwide.