Secrets of Top Commercial Property Agents Revealed

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Top Agents choose to be so. They act on and drive their market.

The role of a top commercial property agent is quite special.  They do unique things on a daily basis and then build their business at every opportunity.  Top commercial real estate agents are leaders in the property industry.  They understand the differences between sales, leasing, and property management, and can pitch their services from each and every angle as required.  They can comprehensively cover the market place and the services offered.  Here is a tip from our Newsletter.

So the top agents are real achievers and manage themselves with specific focus, however they lead in the industry due to deliberate steps and strategies that they take every day.  You can replicate the strategies for yourself and create a stronger market share.

You could say that the top agents have a particular mindset, and that supports the actions that they take.  Here are some attributes common with high performing salespeople and top agents.

  1. They place a high value in the connection with the customer or client.  Whilst the prospect may not be a source of business today, there are future opportunities in establishing good relationships now.  The services available to clients in commercial real estate vary between sales, leasing, and property management.  Understanding the differences and then pitching services across the disciplines is highly important.
  2. To extend the relationship and the communications with prospects, there has to be some form of value to connection.  That can be in the form of some local market a property information, newsletter, industry briefing, and market updates.  The whole process should be personalised to the name of the particular agent or salesperson.  Whilst they work in an agency, it is the salesperson that builds the business.  Their name and their personal image is of high value to the ongoing communication.
  3. Prospecting and cold calling should occur on a daily basis.  Top agents will do this themselves understanding that they are marketing their name and their image into the local area.  On average, a top agent will spend approximately 2 to 3 hours each day on the prospecting process.
  4. Every prospect needs to be qualified before the connection is encouraged.  There is no point in wasting your time simply for the requirements having a meeting.  Only meet with the people qualified to participate in commercial property locally.  Top agents understand this process and focus on the higher quality clients in the area.
  5. The negotiation process in commercial property today can be a challenge based on the pressures that apply to the industry.  Finance and other negotiation issues slow the average transaction down and extend negotiation over days if not weeks.  Good agents stay with the process to the very end to ensure that the transaction is completed in accordance with the client’s wishes.
  6. A top agent will focus their daily activities with high priority towards business building and client connection.  Unnecessary matters or things that have low priority should not rank in the business day.
  7. The best agents and salespeople will interact personally with the clients they act for, and tenants, sellers, and buyers as the case may be.  This allows the transaction to be professionally documented and closed.

Commercial real estate today is a challenge for a number of reasons.  There are however many agents still earning significant commission from successful transactions.  You can also do this providing you commit to the self-management process and the clients that you act for.

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By John Highman

John Highman is an International Commercial Real Estate Author, Conference Speaker, and Broadcaster living in Australia, who shares property investment ideas and information to online audiences Worldwide.