Commercial Property Agents – Questions to Ask a Seller Before You List and Sell

How to qualify commercial property sellers
Agents need to fully qualify sellers before they list property today.

There are many factors that prompt a seller to market and sell their property.  In most cases they will seek an agent to help them, and rightfully so as the agent should have a comprehensive knowledge about these things below and others:

  • The best method of sale to attract solid and qualified enquiry
  • The ways to take people through the property so the features of the property are correctly shown
  • How the particular property is positioned in comparison to other nearby similar property
  • The right ways to price a property given the prevailing market conditions
  • The most effective ways to market a property for sale today across a number of marketing solutions.
  • The right ways to document a sale contract given the particular property

So let’s say that a seller comes to you to market their property and that you have all these issues under control; you can give the client real solutions for their property concerns and pain.  The only other thing to be concerned with is the intentions and motivations of the seller.  To help with this there are some essential questions to ask the seller before the listing is accepted.

Here are some of the big issues to ask the seller about before you list the property:

  1. How do they want to sell the property today?
  2. Do they have any perceptions of prices locally and if so what?
  3. Have they spoken to other agents? If so who and when?
  4. Have they had the property on the market before and if so when?  What was the outcome of the property promotion?
  5. How long have they owned the property?
  6. Why did they purchase the property?
  7. Are there any issues relating to the property that could impact the purchase, inspection, or marketing?  If so get the detail.
  8. What do they know of other property sales in the same area?
  9. What is the main outcome that they must achieve from the sale process?
  10. What is the ideal timing of the sale for the seller and why is that?

When you know these things you can move to discuss the methods of sale and marketing that are available to the property owner; importantly you should have solid recommendations and reasons for your approach to selling the property.

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By John Highman

John Highman is an International Commercial Real Estate Author, Conference Speaker, and Broadcaster living in Australia, who shares property investment ideas and information to online audiences Worldwide.

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