Commercial Real Estate Agency Online Marketing and Social Media Strategies

woman working on computer
You can build a very professional internet and social media platform as a Commercial or Retail Real Estate Agent today

When it comes to commercial real estate sales and leasing today, you will find that there is a growing gap between members of the sales force, and it centres on the internet.  Some salespeople embrace the internet well, some do so generically, and some do not do it at all. Make no mistake here, the internet is with us when it comes to marketing commercial property, but it is now evolving to a level of salesperson personal marketing.  This is where you can get left behind if you do not adjust and learn some new processes.   Here are some tips from our Newsletter for Commercial Real Estate Agents

So to differentiate between the types of commercial property salespeople and their marketing efforts today, here are some findings:

1. Those salespeople that do not use the internet at all are a fast dying breed of ‘old school’ salesperson.  Listings can be marketed personally, and that used to be a standard practice, however today it is necessary to get the property message to the buyers and tenants and that is through the internet.  Most property investors and business owners will use the Internet as a technology tool of property enquiry.

2. At the very basic end of the marketing and promotional scale, property listings should be advertised on the Internet and that requires some knowledge regards drafting advertisements with due regard for search engine keywords.  If you can create advertisements that are Internet friendly, you tend to get more enquiries coming from the search engines.  Investigate the search engines and the keywords that are ranking the highest in your local area.  If you do this on a monthly basis, you can keep your list of key words regularly updated.  Good advertisements generate more enquiries, and in a tough market like this, that’s exactly what you need.

3. To use the Internet more effectively as a personal marketing tool, the salesperson can utilise various levels of social media.  So that would typically be Twitter, Linked in, Facebook, and e-mail marketing processes surrounding each listing.  Every person that you meet should be captured into your database and potentially fed into the social media platforms that you use.  Their consent to this process is highly important.

4. This last category of Online Marketing is overlooked by many salespeople given that they do not understand the process or are not willing to devote the time to implementing it.  In one word it is blogging.  It is perhaps one of the most powerful tools on the Internet, and when used correctly, can give you a massive personal profile across all the search engines and in your local area as a commercial property specialist.  In simple terms, you create an Internet blog structured around your local area and property speciality.  If you continually write interesting articles and pieces of information regards the property market, the Internet will recognise you as being a source of information.  That is how you achieve a better Internet profile.  One essential part of the process is to write your blogs regularly and that means a few times a week or more.  When you do this the search engines will see you as a source of specialist property information and that helps your personal name escalate in the search engine rankings.  When it comes to commercial real estate that is a great idea.  You need to be known as the industry specialist and expert.  This process will help you.

So if you have just started your career in commercial real estate, it is wise to take on the necessary profiling process on the Internet that reflects and promotes your skill and expertise as a commercial property expert.  Providing you regularly update the information, the Internet will be a massive source of personal marketing and branding.

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